HSS Handmade Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp 8" (Dimmer Switch)

Himalayan Salt Solution

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HSS Handmade Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp purify air through the energy of hygroscopy, that means that they appeal to water molecules from the encircling surroundings then absorb the one's molecules - as well as any overseas particles they may be carrying - into the salt crystal. as the HPS lamp warms up from the warmth produced by the mild bulb interior, that identical water then evaporates back into the air and the trapped particles of dirt, pollen, smoke, and so forth stay locked within the salt. probably the maximum well-known benefit - and why most people of people use them - is because of their wonderful energy to put off dirt, pollen, cigarette smoke, and other contaminants from the air. This is a perfect gift and a MUST have item for every house.

  • Numerous benefits of HSS Handmade Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp including Reduce Allergy & Asthma Symptoms, Eases Coughing, Better Sleep and help to control Blood Pressure
  • Help with Improve Mood & Concentration, due to the effect of the negative ions on your body, it helps to improve blood and oxygen supply to the brain and other organs
  • This Handmade Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp comes with Neem Wood Base, UL approved US standard cable and with a dimmer switch. 
  • This Handmade Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp Reduce Static Electricity in the Air which causes stress, embarrassment, and frustration
  • This Handmade Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp Cleanses & Deodorizes the Air



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