Wood Grain Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Humidifier (300ml)

Himalayan Salt Solution

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7 Colors to Boost Your Mood

Relaxing, therapeutic and mood-enhancing LED light illuminates around the tank cover. 1st press for the Auto Cycle Mode. The light cycles color by color below: Yellow-Green-Blue-Sky Blue-Purple-Red-White. 2nd press to set to any fixed color. Turn off the light but it continues to diffuse mist.

2 Modes and 2 Mist Options

How to set the spraying mode? Press the Mist Button to set the diffuser to 1-hour, 3-hour, 6-hour timer mode, or continuous-on mode. How to set the mist options? Press the button for 2-3 seconds (it beeps once) for strong mist; press again (it beeps twice) for weak mist.

Auto Shut-Off

Automatically shuts off when water runs out. Worry free from security risks. Adds to safety and peace of mind especially for use at night. Proper for babies and children. Oak Leaf also has different kinds of essential oils on sale now. Roll up to take two items together.

300mL Water Tank

With 300mL capacity, the Oak Leaf Essential Oil Diffuser continuously works for nearly 10 hours. Utilize it for all day or all night and enjoy the cool mist and fragrant air.